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Did you mean normal tree?

Normal tree

Trees can be found all over Gielinor.

Players can cut down trees using an axe to train the woodcutting skill.

When a tree has been cut down, there will be a treestump in its place and the player will get some logs. Logs obtained from normal trees are the only type which are able be used in making a fire with a tinderbox. Logs obtained from other trees such as oaks or willows may only be used with the fletching skill.

Types of trees

There are all kinds of trees found in Classic:

Woodcut trees

See Woodcutting for more information

Type Required Level Experience Fatigue
Logs 1 25 0.533%
Oak 15 37.5 0.8%
Willow 30 62.5 1.333%
Maple 45 100 2.133%
Yew 60 175 3.733%
Magic 75 250 5.333%

Non-Woodcut Trees

Some trees cannot be chopped. They can be a purely cosmetic piece of scenery or have some other functionality, like being an Agility shortcut or different type of tree, such as a Banana tree.

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