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Location on World Map
Unknown Tree Gnome Stronghold Baxtorian Falls
West Ardougne

Tree Gnome Strongehold is a gnome base north of West Ardougne.

The Grand TreeEdit

The Grand Tree is located north of the Stronghold. It is a huge four storey tree building with four watchtowers and many activities to do.


There are some Yew Trees and Magic Trees in the South near the cave of Brimstail, West of the Grand Tree, and near to the Agility training area bank. Willow Trees can be found near the river in the west. There are also multiple Trees and Oak Trees around.


Players can fish in the pond and the river to the west. It contains:

  • Lure / bait fishing spots
  • Harpoon / cage fishing spots
  • Net / bait spot in the north



Tree gnome local swampEdit

In the Swamp (North) you can collect swamp tar and Swamp Toads.

Other Points of InterestEdit

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