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Tutorial Island became the first place a player loads into when starting RuneScape Classic. It was added to the game on 24 September 2002 (Update). It is possible to skip the tutorial by going to Options and selecting the "Skip tutorial" option. Characters created before Tutorial Island was added spawned in Lumbridge as if they had skipped it.

After the player registers and successfully logs into their account, they will be immediately prompted to select their character's gender and outfit (head type, and color of hair, shirt, and pants). The player is then instructed on how to use various skills and will receive some basic items. The island is similar to the Tutorial Island's which may be found in later successors of RuneScape. After completing or skipping Tutorial Island, the player will appear in Lumbridge, on the same tile where a player will go if they are to die.


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Walkthrough and layout

  1. After the player selects their gender, hair, and outfit, they will spawn into the first chamber of Tutorial Island. A bronze axe, tinderbox, and a piece of cookedmeat[sic] will be added to their inventory immediately.
  2. After speaking with the Guide and selecting either of the two available dialogue options, they will be prompted to then continue through the western door to speak with the Controls guide.
  3. After selecting either of the Controls guide's dialogue options, the player will again be told to proceed through a door to the north, where they will take their first steps outside into the world of RuneScape.
  4. In a small fenced off area just to the west are 3 Combat instructors. Speaking to any of them will result in the player receiving a wooden shield and bronze longsword, which they are then asked to equip by clicking them in the inventory on the upper right hand part of the screen.
  5. After this, the player will then continue through a door to the northeast, where they will learn about Cooking via the Cooking instructor. Speaking to him will result in one piece of raw rat meat being added to the player's inventory, which they are told to try Cooking on the nearby range. Doing so will always result in the first piece of meat being burnt, and speaking to the Cooking instructor will result in receiving another piece of raw rat meat. Successfully Cooking the rat meat and speaking to the Cook will result in the player being allowed to progress through the northern door.
  6. In this room, the Financial advisor will give the player some tips on how to make money in the world of RuneScape. Speaking with him will allow the player to freely pass through the northern door to an outside area where they will learn Fishing.
  7. The Fishing instructors in this area will give the player a net and tell them to try catching a fish by clicking on the northern fishing spot on the water. Doing so successfully will allow the player to progress through the door to the south into the next area.
  8. In this outdoor area, 3 Mining instructors await to teach the player about the Mining skill. When speaking with them, the player is told to attempt to prospect the rock in the middle of the area. Doing so and then speaking with the Mining instructor allows the player to receive a bronze pickaxe, and the instructions to attempt to mine the rock. Doing so and then speaking with the instructor again will allow the player to enter the next area to the south.
  9. In this area, the player has a chance to learn about the bank in RuneScape via the Bank assistants. Any items added here will be saved to the players bank outside of the tutorial. Talking with the Banking assistants will allow the player to progress to the next area to the west.
  10. Here the player will be told about the various adventures to embark on in RuneScape, and the rewards to be won. Speaking with the Quest advisor here will allow the player to return to the outdoors and progress via the southern door.
  11. The player will speak with the Wilderness guide here to learn about the Player versus Player aspect available in RuneScape via the Wilderness zone on the map. Doing so allows them to progress onward back indoors through the western door.
  12. Inside, the Magic Instructor awaits to tell the player about the Magic skill in RuneScape. Speaking with him and choosing either dialogue option will allow the player to receive runes to cast the wind strike spell, as well as instructions to kill a chicken. Players may progress through the western door regardless of if they attempt to cast a spell on the nearby chicken.
  13. Here the player will learn about the Fatigue system in RuneScape. Speaking with the Fatigue expert will allow the player to proceed through the western door.
  14. In the final indoor portion of Tutorial Island, the player will learn community guidelines by speaking with the Community instructor. Doing so will allow them to proceed through the final door.
  15. In this section, players will speak to the Boatman and be sent to Lumbridge to begin their RuneScape adventure!


These are the humanoid inhabitants of Tutorial Island, in the order of which they are encountered by players:

Classes (Historical)


When RuneScape Classic was first released on 4 January 2001, players who made accounts would immediately spawn in Lumbridge. Then between early March 2001 and July 2002, players were prompted to select a class when creating an account and prior to spawning. Before the release of the Wilderness in August 2001, players got to choose if they wanted to be a player killer or a non-player killer.

Depending on the class chosen, new players would start with a higher level in the appropriate skill at a compensation of lower skill levels in other areas and then be spawned in Lumbridge.

  • Wizard (7 GoodMagic or Magic after a major update to the Magic skill, 10 Hits) - Started out with a blue (later black) wizardhat and a regular staff.
  • Miner (7 Mining, 10 Hits) - Started out with a pickaxe, which at that time was the only type available. These were later turned into bronze pickaxes.
    • Initially, the Miner class wasn't featured into the available classes. With the removal of the Necromancer class, the Miner class got introduced into the game.

When the class system was removed and prior to Tutorial Island, all new players would start with a bronze axe, one piece of cookedmeat, and tinderbox, which was the same equipment given to the players in the past if they had selected the adventurer class.

Glitches and oversights

Tutorial Rat
  • The Combat instructor says the rat has a green combat level when it is in fact a yellowish shade of green. Nonetheless, the rat is fairly weak as it was intended.
  • When talking to the Combat instructor, another Combat instructor may take over and continue the dialogue mid-conversation.
  • The Bank assistant will address female characters as "Sir" if you talk to them again.
  • The Fatigue expert can have dialogue triggered that tells players eating food will reduce Fatigue, which was true until sleeping bags were released.



Combat instructor

  • The player receives no XP for killing the rat and it drops no items upon death.
  • The play cannot kill more than one rat. If they attempt to kill another, they will receive the following message:
    • That's enough rat killing for now

Cooking instructor

  • While it is possible to use the drop trick to obtain multiple raw rat meat, you will only ever be able to successfully cook one of the meats, burning the rest
  • The range which players cook their raw rat meat on is a special scenery object which differs from other ranges found in the game[Clarify]

Fishing instructor

  • The player may only catch a total of 5 shrimp resulting in a total of 50 Fishing experience. If they attempt to fish anymore, they will receive the following message:
    • that's enough fishing for now go through the next door to continue the tutorial

Mining instructor

  • Players may only mine one tin ore. If they attempt to mine more ,then they will receive the message:
    • Thats[sic] enough mining for now

Magic instructor

  • Players are instructed to cast a spell on the chicken but can actually skip this step


  • The first time a player types anything into the private or public chat fields and presses the enter key, they will receive the following message:
    • Once you finish the tutorial, typing here send messages to nearby players
  • It is possible for a player to get 99 Firemaking and 99 Woodcutting on Tutorial Island, as there are no limits to the amount of trees which can be cut and fires which may be lit.
  • Players retain all skills and experience gained and items held in their bank and inventory after leaving Tutorial Island.
  • Instances of sinking and sunken Fishing Trawlers can be seen from the western shore of the island near the Combat instructor.


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