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An Unfinished potion is the result of using an identified herb on a Vial of Water. Making unfinished potions, or using unfinished potions to make complete potions, is a key part of the Herblaw skill.


Image Herb High Alch Low Alch
Unfinished potion (Guam).png Guam leaf 1 1
Unfinished potion (Marrentill).png Marrentill 3 2
Mixed chemicals (2).png 2 mixed chemicals (Digsite) 0 0
Mixed chemicals.png 3 mixed chemicals (Digsite) 0 0
Unfinished potion (Tarromin).png Tarromin 6 4
Unfinished potion (Jangerberries).png Jangerberries 0 0
Unfinished potion (Ogre).png Guam leaf + Jangerberries 0 0
Unfinished potion (Harralander).png Harralander 12 8
Unfinished potion (Ranarr).png Ranarr Weed 15 10
Unfinished potion (Irit).png Irit Leaf 24 16
Snakes Weed Solution.png Snake Weed 3 2
Ardrigal Solution.png Ardrigal 3 2
Unfinished potion (Avantoe).png Avantoe 28 19
Unfinished potion (Kwuarm).png Kwuarm 32 21
Unfinished potion (Cadantine).png Cadantine 39 26
Unfinished potion (Dwarf Weed).png Dwarf Weed 42 28
Unfinished potion (Torstol).png Torstol 15 10


  • The unfinished Jangerberries potion is a player made-mistake when trying to make the ogre potion, as the correct mixture is Guam leaf followed by Jangerberries. When examined this potion reads "I need another ingredient to finish this potion"
  • The Guam leaf + Jangerberries potion yields an unfinished Shaman potion, which when completed with ground bat bones becomes Ogre potion
  • The examine text for an unfinished dwarf weed potion is I need another ingredient to finish this Dwarfweed[sic] potion