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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

The Unknown refers to an area that has not been revealed on the world map for future content. Most unknown areas have already been revealed in RuneScape 2. It serves as the boundaries that a player cannot cross.

In RuneScape Classic, the client automatically fills any undefined regions with water if the player is on the ground floor[UK], or darkness if they are upstairs or down. It is for this reason that the Unknown is sometimes referred to as the "sea" or "ocean".

Hidden waterfall

Digsite waterfall

The Digsite waterfall.

As a result of incorrectly defined boundaries, players can access a hidden waterfall located southeast of the Digsite. It is found by traveling north along the coast east of Al Kharid mine to the fence separating the region with the Digsite. A gap between the fence and the sea coast allows the player to walk south of the Digsite to the far east edge where the Digsite river drains back into the Unknown.

The "source" of the river is suggested to be an inlet from the Digsite's east coast, which flows to the panning area used in the Digsite quest. It continues west to form a small lake, and south to the waterfall. This effectively creates an inaccessible island between the Digsite and the Unknown. However, due to an increase of ground height in the area, the source would have to be a hidden spring near the waterfall itself.

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