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Attack: 99
Hits: 99
Mining: 99
Strength: 99
Agility: 99
Smithing: 99
Defense: 99
Herblaw: 99
Fishing: 99
Ranged: 99
Thieving: 99
Cooking: 99
Prayer: 99
Crafting: 99
Firemaking: 99
Magic: 99
Fletching: 99
Woodcut: 99
Quest 112
Total 1782
Combat 123.75
At 30th September 2017

About me

Hello there!, my name is Cameron and from the UK. I've been playing Runescape since 2006. I enjoy playing RSC, as well as OSRS even though I never played RSC when it was popular back in its prime time. I like to help edit the RSC wiki in my free time.

RSC Username: Parcel
OSRS Username: Jiklim
OSRS Clan: Hexis

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