With College Apps and a senior workload, I don't have much free time. College Apps should be done soon, but sports starts soon too, and that takes a lot more time out of my day. I'll try to find time to be on the wiki, but for a short while, I'll probably have a small presence =(
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Hey random IP! Im Rsa, but my display name is Nex Undique. I started playing classic in 2005 or so, but when I stopped playing, I missed the deadline to continue the game. So, I then started playing when they re-opened in November of 2009. If you want to contact me you can pm me in game, or post a message on my talk page.

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עהמשתמש הזה מדבר עברית
laHoc usor licet Latina.
2009This user started playing RuneScape Classic when it was re-opened in 2009.
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RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 7 Edit
Hits 10 Edit
Mining 19 Edit
Strength 1 Edit
Agility 1 Edit
Smithing 3 Edit
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Herblaw 1 Edit
Fishing 1 Edit
Ranged 1 Edit
Thieving 9 Edit
Cooking 5 Edit
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Crafting 6 Edit
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Woodcut 14 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 98
Combat 6.625
At April 9, 2010
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