About me


  • I still play RSC as of 2018 -
  • I am excited about the Open RSC project
    • Looking forward to a true replica
  • I am playing on RSC Vanilla-
    • I completed Legends Quest on October 8th 2018, roughly 1 month after the launch

From during the "official" RSC days

I am an old time-RSC player who began playing shortly after the games release in 2001. I like to collect random things like Buckets, Redberries, Spinach rolls and more. I am hoping to post some pictures of my collections soon.

My tentative RSC "NON MAXED completionist" checklist (WIP)


  • Complete all quests (112 Quest Points, Legends Completed)
    • Complete on RSCV
  • Own the following main quest "reward" items (at least once)
  • Complete the mage arena mini quest


Monster Drops

These items must be obtained via a drop from killing a monster:

Runite Equipment

Dragon Equipment

Black Equipment




Obscure items that I collected during "official" RSC days-

Obscure monsters that I like to kill

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