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Hello ! Welcome to my talkpage, here you can ask me things, and I will help you! ZorakTalk


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Please review

Please review this discussion and the edit histories of the two involved, and make a decission on whether the newly appointed administrator is qualified to handle himself in the best interest and purpose of this community encyclopedia. Please also reconsider the ability of his cohort to revert any such decision made therein. Additionally, please do not blindly provide people with such abilities. With an increased number of editors, which is in no small part due to Jagex re-opening Classic for the next two months, I propose that now is the time to make use of the Maple Grove to hold public discussions concerning the user rights of editors. I acknowledge that discussions on this wiki take time, and I support it. When abuse of person and of content is at hand, such decisions should not be made on a whim. After all, such abilities should be granted to those people who have long proven themselves to handle them in accordance with established regulation and overall benefit of the wiki, granted when such a need to share such abilities is necessary, and granted to someone who will not abandon the wiki or greatly reduce its use within a few months time.

Lastly, I'm writing on your talk page directly in hopes that you will be notified of such message and read it before those involved remove it. 06:16, January 18, 2016 (UTC)
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