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Nicknames Varry, V
Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members area No
Kingdom Misthalin
Leader King
Inhabitants / Race Human
Teleportation Varrock Teleport, Spirit Tree
Banks 2
Altars 3
Guilds Champions' Guild; Cooks' Guild
Location on World Map
Barbarian Village Varrock Digsite
Varrock is the capital of Misthalin and is one of the largest cities in RuneScape Classic. This city has many good shops for new players, and adventurers come from all parts of the world to trade their wares as well.

The stone circle of varrock


Boasting twin banks - one near the west gate and one near the east - makes Varrock a great place to do trade.

Armour & Weapons



Varrock Palace

Varrock Palace is well-protected by Guards and Warrior women, and the King resides within the palace. Some players choose to train their Thieving on guards here, specifically in the area upstairs nearby Captain Rovin. In the northern part of Varrock's Palace is the library and it's librarian Reldo, who plays roles in the Shield of Arrav and The Knight's Sword quests, and works at the library.


There are three pubs in Varrock.


There are two guilds in the outskirts of the city.

Champion's guild

Southwest of Varrock is the Champion's guild, which requires 31 quest points to gain entrance. The Guildmaster inside is the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest. The guild has two stores which sell various items made from Runite, Adamantite, Black as well as the blue cape. This guild is also the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest.

Cook's guild

Experienced cooks with a Cooking level of 32 or higher may enter the Cook's Guild in the northwest. It is also required to wear a Chef's Hat.

Varrock Sewers

Main article: Varrock sewers

East of the palace is a manhole, leading to the Varrock Sewers. This dungeon boasts a variety of different medium-levelled monsters, including giant rats, zombies, Deadly Red Spiders and moss giants. It's also one of the only sources of red spider eggs, an ingredient used in Strength potions.


Varrock southeast mine

Southeast mine is one of Varrock's rich resource areas.

There are two mines in Varrock: Varrock southwest mine and Varrock southeast mine. The southwest one contains all types of metal up to Silver ore. It's one of the most common places in which the Mining skill is trained. The southeast one contains copper, tin and Iron rocks.

Lumber Mill

Main article: Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill is found on the northeast outskirts of the city, near the Jolly Boar Inn. It plays an important role in the Gertrude's Cat quest.

Item spawns

  • In the basement of the Varrock West Bank, 3 coins respawn. In the basement of the western Varrock Bank, it's possible to use Telekinetic Grab to pick up gold items from the bank vault.
  • Redberries and Cadava berries in the southern forest.
  • The Varrock Museum, located east of the Varrock Palace, displays various iron and bronze weapons behind gates (these can be taken using Telekinetic Grab) and a model bear on the second floor. This is one of the most commonly used place for Drop Parties, and the finishing point in the Shield of Arrav quest.

Other points of interest

  • South of the western Varrock Bank, and north of the eastern Varrock Bank, are dummies. Some players choose to train here to reduce their Hits experience gain when training Attack, although not all players do this. Macroers can often be found in this area.
  • South of Varrock there is a stone circle filled with aggressive Darkwizards, which is a decent source of runes. Delrith, who plays a part in the Demon Slayer quest, also resides here, however he is not aggressive.
  • Slightly west of Varrock is Gertrude, who is the starting point for the Gertrude's Cat quest. After the quest, she sells kittens for 100 coins each. They can be traded for 100 Death-runes in West Ardougne after starting Plague City.
  • On the southeastern part of town is a subsection surrounded by a gate. There is a guard near the gate, who will confiscate certain liquids during the Biohazard quest.
  • Dimintheis also lives here, and is the starting point for the Family Crest quest.
  • Guidor also lives in a house near the bar, but you must have started the Biohazard quest and wear Priest robes to access his room.

Quests in Varrock

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