A veteran is a player who had logged into RuneScape Classic any time between 3 August 2005 and 12 January 2006. This corresponds to the first account restriction of RuneScape Classic due to the influx of macroers in the game. RuneScape Classic account creation and access was restricted to Members only on 3 August 2005 and the account creation as well as access to new members ended on 12 January 2006 (until some years later with the open periods).

It is intended to distinguish between original RuneScape Classic players and those who joined during one of the open periods, but it is a very controversial implementation because it restricts veteran status to those who were a Member and logged in sometime during the above date range. People who could not become members at the time or log in during the time period were left out and feel they should also have veteran status. This however was never changed. The only current advantage to veteran status is the ability to log in to World 1.

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