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Watch tower (gnome)

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Watch tower is a piece of scenery found in East Ardougne, near Coal Trucks and Tree Gnome Stronghold.

East ArdougneEdit

During Biohazard quest bird feed is used on the Watch tower. When a pigeon cage is then opened the pigeons will fly to the tower, distracting the Ardougne wall gateway guards.

Tree Gnome StrongholdEdit

Watch towers in the Grand Tree are connected to the main structure by Log bridges. There are a total of four Watch towers in The Grand Tree: east, south, west and north. Each goes up to 3rd floor and contains one Gnome guard.

Agility CourseEdit

Gnome Course Ropeswing

Ropeswing is used to travel between Watch towers in Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.

In Gnome Stronghold Agility Course there are two Watch towers. First one is climbed, giving 7.5 Agility experience and a Ropeswing is used to hop onto the second one which can only be climbed down.

Glough's HouseEdit

Watchtower (Glough)

Glough's Watch tower.

Another gnomish Watch tower is located south of the Grand tree, in Head tree guardian Glough's house. It is featured in The Grand Tree quest and requires level 25 Agility to climb up. On top players can use Pebbles on a Stone stand to reveal a hidden ladder to Grand Tree dungeon.

Black Guard WatchtowerEdit

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Watch tower

Black Guard watch tower

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