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Watchtower teleport
Watchtower teleport.png
Released Unknown date edit (Unknown update edit)
Pay-to-play Unknown edit
Quest needed? Unknown edit
Staff needed? Unknown edit
Magic level Unknown edit
Description Unknown edit
Runes Unknown edit
Experience (?) Unknown (needs Magic level)
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Watchtower Teleport is a teleport spell which transports you to the 2nd floor[UK] of the Watchtower north of Yanille. It costs 2 Earth-Runes and 2 Law-Runes to cast and requires completion of the Watchtower quest by having read the Spell scroll and a Magic level of 58.

Attempting to cast the spell not having finished the quest or read the scroll will produce the message:

"You cannot cast this spell
You need to finish the watchtower quest first"


  • Unlike the server message given, after finishing the Watchtower quest the player needs to read the scroll to be able to use the spell.

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