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Wayne's Chains
Wayne's Chains location.png
Released 6 April 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Location South Falador
Owner Wayne
Type of shop Chain Mail Bodies
Quest requirement None
Skill requirement None

The location of Wayne's Chains is indicated by the chain mail body symbol.

Wayne's Chains is a shop located in south Falador. It is the western of the two building nearest the south entrance to the city. It is owned by Wayne, who buys and sells chain mail bodies.


Wayne's Chains.png

Image Item Stock Buy price Sell price
Bronze Chain Mail Body.png Bronze chain mail body 3 60 gp 39 gp
Iron Chain Mail Body.png Iron chain mail body 2 210 gp 136 gp
Steel Chain Mail Body.png Steel chain mail body 1 750 gp 487 gp
Black Chain Mail Body.png Black chain mail body 1 1,440 gp 936 gp
Mithril Chain Mail Body.png Mithril chain mail body 1 1,950 gp 1,267 gp
Adamantite Chain Mail Body.png Adamantite chain mail body 1 4,800 gp 3,120 gp

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