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Released 24 May 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Quest needed? None
Staff needed? None
Magic level 11
Description Reduces your opponents strength by 5%
Runes 1 Body, 2 Earth, 3 Water
Experience (?) 42
Fatigue 0.896%
Casts / 100% (?) 112

Weaken is a curse-type combat spell available at level 11 Magic. It costs 3 water, 2 earth, and 1 body rune to use, and yields 42 experience when cast successfully. If cast unsuccessfully, like all other spells, you will be unable to cast any spell for 20 seconds.

Weaken has the effect of temporarily decreasing your opponent's Strength level by up to 5%. However, the spell cannot be cast on the target if their Strength is already reduced, even slightly. Your opponent already has weakened strength As a result, the player cannot use both Weaken and Enfeeble on the opponent to stack the Strength stat reduction.