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White wolf mountain
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Camelot Castle White Wolf Mountain Taverley

The White Wolf Mountain is a mountain covered in ice. It is located north-west of Taverley and is one of the most well-known mountains in RuneScape Classic because it connects the larger paid-to-play area with the rest of the world. The Ice Queen lives under this mountain and one must complete the maze on and under this mountain to reach her throne room.

The White Wolf Mountain is often challenging for lower levelled players to travel through because of the many wolves who inhabit the mountain. However, this mountain can be bypassed after completion of Fishing Contest, using the straight, underground shortcut located either side of the mountain.

Another alternative route into the larger paid-to-play area is taking the boat from Port Sarim to Musa Point, then taking the boat from Brimhaven to Ardougne. However, this generally takes a much longer time than travelling over the mountain or using the underground shortcut.



Rockslide begins the Ice Queen Maze featured in Heroe's Quest


Rocks WWM

Top of the mountain

One of the Gnome gliders is on the highest peak of the mountain. It works both ways and can be used to quickly exit or enter the mountain.

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