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The Wilderness Agility Course is the most dangerous agility course in RuneScape Classic. This is because other players can kill you, as the course is very deep in the Wilderness (level 50+).

Wilderness Agility Course1

Player balancing on the stones in the Wilderness Agility Course.

Players need 52 Agility to enter the course and it is possible to fail when entering and fall to a grey wolf pit. Players gain a total of 472.5 Agility experience for successfully completing every obstacle. This allows approximately the following experience rates:

Level XP per hour
70 35,000 ± 5,000
91 42,000 ± 4,000
99 up to 48,000


Below is a table containing the different obstacles encountered when travelling around the agility course.

Image Obstacle Experience Possible to fail? Stops at 100% fatigue?
Wild course pipe Pipe squeeze 12.5 No Yes
Wild course ropeswing Ropeswing 25 Yes Yes
Wild course stone Stone balance 20 Yes Yes
Wild course ledge Ledge balance 20 Yes Yes
Wild course vine Vine climb 20 No No

Bonus at the end of a full lap: 375xp

Monsters Edit

  • Grey wolves (level 64)
  • Skeletons (level 31) in the pit and one between ledge balance and vine climb.

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