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Deep Wilderness dungeon
Frozen Waste Plateau Wilderness Runite mine Red Dragon Isle
Lava Maze
The Wilderness runite mine is located in the level 45 Wilderness, north of the Lava Maze. It is the only runite mine with two rocks, both the Lava Maze dungeon mine and Heroes' Guild mine have only one runite rock. The closest bank is at the Mage Arena.
Wilderness runite mine

Player managing to mine one of the runite rocks with first try.

Lava Maze map

Map of Lava Maze

Mining rocks

Image Rock Quantity
Clay rock Clay {{{clay}}}
Copper rock Copper {{{copper}}}
Tin rock Tin {{{tin}}}
Blurite rock Blurite {{{blurite}}}
Iron rock Iron {{{iron}}}
Silver rock Silver {{{silver}}}
Coal rock Coal {{{coal}}}
Gold rock Gold {{{gold}}}
Gem rock Gem {{{gem}}}
Mithril rock Mithril {{{mithril}}}
Adamantite rock Adamantite {{{adamantite}}}
Runite rock Runite 2
Empty rock Empty {{{empty}}}

Runite rocks take 12 to 15 minutes to respawn so it is recommended to combine runite mining with other nearby activities in Frozen Waste Plateau, Hobgoblin mine, Red Dragon Isle or at the Moss Giants southeast of the Lava Maze.


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