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Wind bolt
Wind bolt.png
Nicknames Air bolt
Released 27 January 2001 (Update)
Pay-to-play No
Quest needed? None
Staff needed? None
Magic level 17
Description A strength 5 missile attack
Runes 1 Chaos, 2 Air
Max hit 4 (Unknown w/ Gauntlets of chaos) edit
Experience (?) 54
Fatigue Unknown edit
Casts / 100% (?) Unknown edit

Wind bolt is a combat spell available at level 17 Magic. It costs 2 air and 1 chaos rune to use, yields 54 experience when cast successfully, and is a strength 5 missile attack.

Players who have completed the Family Crest quest and chosen to convert the rewarded gauntlets to gauntlets of chaos will do increased damage with bolt spells while the gauntlets are worn.


Wind bolt historical.png