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Wine is a drink that heals 11 Hits and lowers Attack by 3 levels when consumed.

Wine can be made at level 35 Cooking by placing grapes in a jug of water giving the player 110 Cooking experience. This may fail, which results in the player receiving bad wine. The player must then wait 6 ticks (3.6 seconds) for the wine to mature, assuming that they have not failed. Once level 70 Cooking has been reached, it is no longer possible to fail maturing the wine.

Wine has a possibility to be pick-pocketed from Rogues at level 32 Thieving.

Other uses

  • Wine can be very useful for pures. If one drinks enough alcohol so that their Attack level drops under 8, they are able to attack the dummies in Varrock and gain Attack experience without getting any Hits experience.
  • "Wining" a pure will make it so that the character hits for around 1-2 damage higher than regular pures of the same level, which can be very useful for three-hitting an enemy in the wilderness.
  • It is sometimes an advantage in staking, especially when considering Hitpoints levels.


  • Unlike many other cooking items, making wine will not trigger a bubble.
  • At some point before a hidden update, wine could be drank twice, which made it possible to obtain a half full wine jug. These items are now considered "discontinued" and are very rare and ultra valuable, fetching prices which range close to the much sought after Partyhats.

Sold by

Dropped by

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Greater Demon 87 1 2Common
Ice Giant 68 1 3Uncommon
Lesser Demon 79 1–2 2Common