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Wine of Zamorak is a secondary ingredient in the Herblaw skill used to make ranging potions at level 72. They cannot be consumed by themselves and are only useful for use in herblaw.

Obtaining and using

  • They can be obtained just north-west of Goblin Village in a Chaos Temple that is home to several Monks of Zamorak.
  • The only way to obtain the wine of Zamorak is to use the telekinetic grab spell or when all the monks are either busy fighting or have been killed.
  • Attempting to take the wine from the table or anywhere in the building will result in a curse being set on you resulting in reduction of all melee stats by about 7.5% and the monks attacking you.

Collection rate

The wine takes one minute to respawn. This rate, limits the collecting speed of a veteran player, who has access to all 5 worlds, to a maximum of 300 wines per hour- and a non-veteran, who has access to only 4 worlds, a maximum of 240 wines per hour.



  • Wine of Zamorak cannot be drunk despite having a drink option

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