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Examine: Some sort of support - perhaps used with ropes to lower people over the hole

Wooden Beam is a piece of scenery in the Legends caverns. During Legend's Quest a Gujuo Potion is prepared to gain courage to descend the hole below the beam and to go to the deeper parts of the caverns. A rope is used on the beam to transform it into a scenery object called Rope down into darkness.

After the quest any ropes used on the beam will only fall into the pit.


Searching prior to adding a rope:

You search the wooden beam...
You see nothing special about this...
Perhaps if you had a rope, it might be more functional.

Using a rope:

You throw one end of the rope around the beam.

Searching after to adding a rope:

You search the wooden beam...
You search the wooden beam and find the rope you attached.

Using a second rope prior to finishing the quest:

You have already thrown a rope around this wooden beam.

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