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World Map history

  • 4 March 2003: Official map included Yanille, The Tree Gnome Village[sic] and Tutorial island. Although it was mentioned to include Tree Gnome Village the new addition from previous official world map was actually Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • 25 September 2002: Official map included West Ardougne and Gnome Tree Village
  • Around August 2002 (Hidden update): Official map included Fight Arena and Port Khazard
  • 17 June 2002: Official map included Ardougne and surrounding areas
  • 25 March 2002: Official map now included Kandarin and initial member areas. Unmentioned – the full island of Karamja appears for the first time
  • 19 December 2001: Official map included Draynor Market & Bank, the second Varrock and Falador banks, as well as the Port Sarim jail.
  • 15 August 2001: Official map included mining guild and the start of the Wilderness. Unmentioned - the concept of player houses gets removed.
  • 24 June 2001: Official map pointed the quests start locations, as well as those of altars and the tannery shop
  • 12 June 2001: Official map pointed the location of the jewellery shop, gem shop, crafting shop, armour conversion shop, fishing shop, and the places where players could catch fish
  • 11 April 2001: Official map gets expanded to include the Kingdom of Asgarnia and gets the key locations labelled. Since the space reserved to player houses was already full in Varrock, some space is given in Falador.
  • 13 February 2001: Official map gets the Varrock bank and Draynor Village starts to get shaped.
  • Late January 2001 (Hidden update): Official map gets some markers added, possibly marking the expansion of Al-kharid. See also Newsletter 1
  • Early January 2001: Initial official map with only text labels

Map key history

Map Key Comments
Mapkey init.gif
First map key placed 20 markers. With the addition of the Varrock Bank it soon became expanded on the next world map revision.
Map key released along with the Varrock Bank in world map update and kept when Asgarnia opened. However, on that map update all space was taken and followed a map key update.
Map key covering revisions of the world map until Pay-to-play.
Map key that covered almost every marker RSC would ever get. Followed the map revisions until the world manual webpage got redesigned.
Map key that was placed as a result of the web page redesign. The intent was to show the map key when the player hovered over "Key" so the compact map key was placed.
Map key that for once covered bed spots and cook shops. The map key was converted to a vertical format.


  • The Wilderness was not included on any official world map during RuneScape Classic's lifespan, as a philosophy to always keep the Wilderness mysterious.
    • The only exception to this was between the revision of 15 August 2001 and before the revision of 25 March 2002, where the first 5 levels of the Wilderness were shown.
  • The location of Barbarian Outpost changes in RuneScape 2, as Witchaven replaces the area east of Ardougne.
  • The Kharidian Desert, Digsite, Shilo Village, Khazari Jungle, Gu'Tanoth, Observatory, and the Sinclair Mansion areas were never revealed on the official RSC map.
    • This was either since the regions were recent from March 2003 or they were released after the mentioned date.

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