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Examine: Magnificent wrought mithril gates giving access to the Legends Guild

Wrought Mithril Gates are the gates of Legends' Guild. The outer gates may be entered if player has the 107 Quest Points needed to start the Legend's Quest. The gates are guarded by Legends Guild Guards.

Messages Edit


"The gates to the Legends Guild are made from wrought Mithril.
A small path leads away up to a very grandiose building.
To the left is a smaller out building, but it is no less impressive.
All the buildings are set in wonderfully landscaped gardens.
Two well dressed guards seem to be guarding the gate."

Opening during the quest:

"A guard nods at you as you walk past.
Legends Guild Guard: Hope the quest is going well Sir !"

After handing Sir Radimus Erkle the completed Radimus Scrolls and Gilded Totem Pole:

The guards Salute you as you walk past.
Legends Guild Guard: ! ! ! Attention ! ! !
Legends Guild Guard: Legends Guild Member Approaching

Trivia Edit

  • No messages are triggered when players exit the guild

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