During Shilo Village QuestEdit

Attempting to drop/bury Zadimus Corpse (not in front of statue)Edit

  • (You feel an uneartly compunction to bury this corpse!)
  • (You hear a ghostly wailing sound coming from the corpse)
  • (and a whispering voice says,)
  • ('[sic]Zadimus: Let me rest in a sacred place and assist you I will'[sic])

Burying Zadimus Corpse (in front of statue)Edit

  • (You feel an uneartly[sic] compunction to bury this corpse!)
  • (You hear an unearthly moaning sound as you see)
  • (an apparition materialises[sic] right in front of you.)
  • Zadimus: You have released me from my torture, and now I shall aid you
  • Zadimus: You seek to dispell[sic] the one who tortured and killed me
  • Zadimus: Remember this...
  • Zadimus: 'I am the key, but only kin may approach her.'
  • (The apparition disapears[sic] into the ground where you buried the corpse.)
  • (You see the ground in front of you shake)
  • (as a shard of bone forces its way to the surface.)
  • (You take the bone shard and place it in your inventory.)
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